June 2000

Stealth Bass

Here's something you don't see everyday... a black Alembic bass. The finish isn't the only distinguishing feature on this fine custom bass, as Wayne considered many options and details before finally deciding on the specifcations for this instrument. For instance, Wayne knew he wanted a neck through instrument, but he was really taken by the newly released Excel model, which comes standard with a set-neck joint. So, being the custom shop that we are, we made him an Essence with Excel body shape. Even though you can't see it, this bass has a Vermilion top to get a nice round sound.

Black Beauty
hardware Blackened Brass hardware takes center stage on this custom bass. We subcontract with a coatings specialist to get this awesome gunmetal nearly black finish on the brass hardware. But first we set the entire bass up, then take all the hardware apart and send the individual brass pieces just for this bass to the plater. This way even the slots in the string nut and the bridge saddles are plated and there is no palce for corrosion to start. It doesn't make it sound any better, but it looks so cool. Wayne originally wanted the half moon shape, but with the 36" scale length, it wasn't possible without modifying the body shape, so we kept the bar shaped tailpiece.

Speaking of hardware, on this detail of the adjustable nut, you can probably best tell the gunmetal color of the hardware compared to the jet black finish on the bass, the black of the ebony fingerboard and the black strings. nut
Since the Excel body has a little more room than an Essence bass, Wayne chose the electronics package from the Europa bass, including the side output jack. These electronics allow alot of versatility with the quick tone change bass and treble cut and boost switches. When it's time for a solo (and what self respecting six string player doesn't solo?), just flip one or both of these switches down for a bit more presence without altering the entire flavor of the tone. Then you can get right back to where you started with another flick of the switch.

Here's what Wayne had to say the day he got his custom bass:
I just picked up the custom Essence 6-string you folks did for me, and I can best sum it up by saying HOLY CRAP! It's BEAUTIFUL and EXACTLY what I wanted. The finish, the feel, the action, all are perfect. And I haven't even plugged it in yet. I thought the least I could do was dash off an email thanking you both and the whole ALEMBIC team for turning out yet another work of art. I know I'll have many years of playing enjoyment ahead of me. Again, thanks for the great work. You have a truly satisfied customer who when asked, and you can bet I will be, will be proud to say "It's an ALEMBIC, the best there is made by the folks who will do it your way!"


  • 6-string Essence bass
  • Custom string spacing
  • Vermilion top
  • Jet black finish
  • Blackened brass hardware
  • Europa electronics
  • 36" Extra long scale

Price available on request

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