Custom is a lot easier than you might think. Because at Alembic, every part is made under one roof: the woodworking, the metal parts, the pickups and electronics. When you order a custom instrument from us, we actually make that instrument just for you just like you instruct us.

A few of the more commonly requested custom features are listed with their corresponding prices on the Custom Quote Generator. This list is by no means all inclusive. You may even have some ideas we haven't thought of yet. There are of course times that we will advise you about conflicting features.

The first step in custom ordering is to organize your ideas. You can fill out one of our custom worksheets or use the Custom Quote Generator.

If you used the custom worksheet, we'll send you a written quote with each feature listed and any associated charges detailed (you can get this information immediately with the Custom Quote Generator). The quote is for the retail price of the instrument. This is the price the instrument would be if you purchased it from us directly. Usually, a local dealer can get you a lower price.

This way, when we make your instrument, we get our instructions directly from you, so there are no misunderstandings. You also have a local contact in your music dealer to check on the progress and for future service. It's really the best of both worlds.

You should notice that our price list is arranged from the least expensive to the most expensive. All instruments that are at least the price of the Spoiler bass can be ordered with a specific fingerboard dimension at no extra charge. Simply supply us with the width across the nut and the 24th fret and we'll make it. On our Essence bass, there is a $100.00 charge for custom neck dimensions. The Epic and Orion come only with their standard neck sizes.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of your next instrument, and want a company that is 100% devoted to custom to make it for you, please give us a call. Or, better yet, why not visit the factory and speak personally with everyone who'll be involved in building your instrument. You can even select the specific pieces of wood yourself.

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