Wooden Pickup Covers and Knobs

We like to make prototypes of new challenges before we make the final product. Kris made these out of scrap maple and purpleheart to work out the details before we cut up the really good wood. The customer specified how wide to make each laminate. You can see Kris' notes for final wood choices written on the cover in pencil.

wooden pickup
inside wooden pickup This photo shows the inside of the cover. we made them just like a regular plastic potting shell. We had to seal the inside of the shell so the polyurethane casting compound wouldn't seep through the end grain.

This end view gives you an idea how the top layer was stacked on the base of the box.

pickup cover endview
finished pickups Finished pickups on the prepping table. On the humcancellers, we didn't make boxes, just put a thin layer of the laminated wood over the already installed pickup.

Before and after: on the right is the stacked laminates, on the left the turned upper section the concentric knob.

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