What does the Q Switch do? The Q switch works with the filter to boost the resonance where the filter is set. When the Q switch is on, and you sweep the control back and forth, you'll hear a distinctive wah-wah sound. Filters with no Q switch have it present with this boost (about 8dB). The switch enables you to dampen (supress) the resonance and listen to the flat filter response.
What strings do you put on new instruments? We usually use our CX-3 series strings. For four string basses, we string .045-.065.-.080-.105. Five strings add a .128 B string and six strings add a .030 C string.

We set our guitars up with our NK-4/10G strings .010-.012-.016-.026-.036-.046.

We'll be happy to set up your bass or guitar with your preffered strings, if you supply them to us.

How do I polish tarnished brass parts on my Alembic? We use a product called Flitz. Any brass polish you have locally available should work. We like the Flitz because it's in paste form and it's hard to use too much.
Does Alembic offer product endorsements? No, every person you see playing an Alembic is an Alembic customer. Our products cost enough without asking you to play for high-profile musician's instruments.
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