Heel Carving The most striking and usual feature of Jacob's bass is the neck. With Ebony as the primary neck wood, the look is absolutely striking. But good looks is only part of the picture. Investing so much Ebony in a single neck has a large affect on the tone, imparting Ebony's expected fundamental sustain. This is arguably the clearest B-string we've heard, each note distinct and clear, even in the upper register. Playing across the fingerboard in any position the tone is even.
And all this from a 32" medium scale neck!
Chrome plated hardware Chrome plated hardware is a great pairing with the cool colors of the woods. It also means that Jacob can spend more time playing and less time on maintenance, as the chrome hardware won't corrode or tarnish like brass does.

pickup detail

Truss ROd Cover
peghead peghead

Peghead Bevel

Front Back


  • Custom Essence 4-string bass
  • Buckeye Burl top
  • Buckeye Burl back
  • Continuous wood plates
  • Continuous wood pickups
  • Continuous wood ramp
  • Ebony fingerboard with Green Front Laser LEDs
  • Side LEDs in blue
  • Ebony and Purpleheart neck
  • Signature electronics
  • Ordered through Guitar Resurrection
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Photos by Mica W Thomas, © 2015 Alembic, Inc.

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