this month's special

October Surprise

October's double special is a nice surpise: first you get to have side LEDs at no additional charge. Then, you can spend 10% of the base price of your instrument on just about any custom feature or features you like. Time to go all in on your next custom Alembic!
Think of the things you can do... Add a back laminate to a Europa. Maybe ruthenium plated hardware on a Tribute (please - someone do this it will look so cool!). Or upgrade the electronics in an Essence bass to Europa for more tonal variations. And the side LEDs won't eat up your custom budget.
Whatever you fancy, we can make it so. Start hashing out your ideas with other Alembic owners in the Dreaming section of the Alembic Club. When you're ready to start planning, call Susan or Mica at (707) 523-2611. Your order must be received by October 31st to qualify for the October Special.

Other important details:
The monthly special is a custom option offered for free or at a reduced price. It applies only to new orders, not modifications. Custom electronics, custom inlays, and Quilted Coco Bolo do not qualify for monthly specials unless specifically noted.
The special has an expiration date. Once the new special is selected, the old special is void. There is no overlap.
When you're in the market for a custom instrument, check our special every month.

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