ALEMBIC Warranty for F-1X, F-2B, SF-2

1. Alembic, Inc. warrants that the goods will be free from defects in material and will comply with Alem-bicís normal standard of workmanship. 2. Alembic shall incur no liability under this warranty unless: a. The buyer notifies Alembic upon discovery of any such defect and in no event not later than twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase of the goods by the buyer; b. After return of the goods to Alembic, its tests disclose that the goods do not meet its specifications by reason alone of defects in material and / or its normal standard of workmanship. 3. The liability of Alembic shall be limited to the repair or replacement, at Alembic option, of defective goods at its own expense. 4. In no event shall Alembic be responsible for defects due to physical damages suffered to the goods as a result of improper handling and / or storage during or after shipment, misuse, neglect, improper instal-lation, operation, repair, alterations, accident or any other cause not attributable to defects in material or workmanship on the part of Alembic. 5. In no event shall the damages for which Alembic is liable to exceed the sale price to the buyer for the defective goods. 6. No products are to be returned without authorization from Alembic. 7. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, assumed by any employee, agent or representative.

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