BEM pic Bird's-eye Maple Acer saccharum North America
Bocate pic Bocate Cordia elaeagnoides Central America
Bubinga pic Bubinga Guibourtia demeusi Africa
Burl Maple pic Burl Maple Acer saccharum North America
Coco Bolo pic Coco Bolo Dalbergia retusa South America
Ebony pic Ebony Diospryus ebenum India
Flame Maple pic Flame Maple Acer rubrum North America
Koa pic Koa Acacia koa Hawaii
Lacewood pic Lacewood Cardwellia sublimis Australia
Mahogany pic Honduras Mahogany Swietinia macrophylla Central America
Mac Eb pic Macassar Ebony Diospryus celebica India
Madrone pic Madrone Arbutus menziessi North America
Purpleheart pic Purpleheart Pellogyne spp. South America
Rosewood pic Rosewood Dalbergia latifoloa India
Spalted Maple pic Spalted Maple Acer macrophyllum North America
SuperbWalnut pic Superb Flame Walnut Juglans Hindsii California
Tulipwood pic Tulipwood Dalbergia frucescens South America
Vermilion pic Vermilion Pterocarpus dalbergoides India
Walnut pic Walnut Juglans regia North America
Wenge pic Wenge Milettia stulmannii Africa
Zebrawood pic Zebrawood Microberlinia brazzavillensis South America
Ziricote pic Ziricote Cordia gerascanthus Central and South America
sample set pic
Go to your Alembic dealer to touch and see these woods for yourself.

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