This is a very customized Series II bass in flamed, burl rosewood. The shape is our Triple Omega, with pistol grip on upper horn and heart omega detail at bottom. The electronics are customized as well. The customer flew out from Massachusetts to pick out his woods. Rosewood Custom pic
Back of Rosewood custom pic This is the back view of the previous bass. Notice that all the backplates have been made from the routed out section of the wood thus preserving the maximum beauty of the rare and beautiful wood. Also, note the thin maple binding around each plate.
The Vector body shape is one of the few we make with flat sides. The Vector is the sister bass to our California Special guitar.
Exploiter shape Here's our Exploiter body shape. It's really big, but surprisingly it's one of the best balancing basses you'll run across. It's especially comfortable for long playing periods.
The Elan may not be on our lineup of catalog basses, but you can still get its shape on many models. The Europa was derived from the Elan by shaving 1/4" off the perimeter of each body half, including the glue surface to the neck. The Europa winds up being a full inch narrower than the Elan from this. Most stock Elans had maple bodies. elan pic
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