Shave months off the delivery date of a new Alembic bass or guitar by adopting an in-process instrument. We have created these beauties with a host of interesting custom options as future members of our showroom, unless you decide to get one first!

14494 Further Studio
14494 Further Spalted Maple
14695 Further Studio
14695 Further Zebrawood
14609 Rogue 5
14609 Rogue Coco Bolo
14693 Further Stage
14693 Further Stage Flame Maple
14693 Further Stage
14644 Further Stage Flame Maple
14681 Tribute
14681 Tribute Coco Bolo
14682 Darling
14682 Darling Coco Bolo
14693 Further Studio
14693 Further Quilted Maple
14702 Signature Deluxe
14702 Signature Deluxe Quilted Maple
14733 Signature Standard
14733 Lefty Signature Standard Coco Bolo
14734 Signature Standard
14734 Signature Standard Spalted Beech
14746 Brown Bass
14746 Brown Bass California Walnut
14770 Dragon Wing
14770 Dragon Wing Coco Bolo
14771 Signature Deluxe
14771 Signature Deluxe Coco Bolo
14795 Signature Standard
14795 Signature Standard Coco Bolo