Alembic Custom Gallery

Snapshots of some the creations we're most proud of

Sterling detail pic

This is a portion of the fingerboard for our Sterling 25th Anniversary model. Limited to an edition of 25 pieces, it retails for $25,000.00. The inlay consists of sterling silver for all the alchemical symbols with various pieces of mother of pearl, abalone and rare woods to complete the design. There are 396 individual pieces inlaid in this ebony fingerboard. It was designed by Susan Wickersham.

Sterling fingerboard pic

This is the entire neck of the Sterling 25th Anniversary model.

Rosewood Custom pic

This is a very customized Series II bass in flamed, burl rosewood. It features a pistol grip horn, heart omega and "C" sides. The electronics are customized as well. The customer flew out from Massachusetts to pick out his woods.

Back of Rosewood custom pic

This is the back view of the previous bass. Notice that all the backplates have been made from the routed out section of the wood thus preserving the maximum beauty of the rare and beautiful wood. Alos, there is a thin maple binding around each plate.

Birds of prey inlay pic

James is holding a special order Essence bass for a customer in Texas. The was the first "Birds of Prey" inlay we made.

Custom peghead inlay pic

This is one of the headstocks for a custom double neck bass made for a customer in Germany. The headstock is burl maple and it is inlaid with walnut and vermilion woods with the words "Pearl of Angel" inlaid in mother of pearl.

Dolphin guitar pic

Here is a custom guitar we made back around 1977. The inlays are all sea-going mammals. All the hardware is silver plated.

Dolphin guitar detail pic

Close-up of dolphin on peghead. The skeleton is in abalone.

Alembic Dragon inlay pic

This is a photo of our traditional dragon inlay. Each scale is an inlaid piece of abalone in the mother of pearl body. The belly is brass. We make the legs out of copper. The claws and teeth are bone. For the dragon's breath, we take gold filings and suspend them in an optically clear epoxy. The tongue is made of vermilion and the eyes can be red LED's, or rubies, as shown in this example.

Quick note: we will be adding to this section very regularly. This is just the start.

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