Ron Wickersham pic

This man is obviously having too much fun at his job!! This is our fearless leader and founder of the company, Ron Wickersham. When he's not engineering Alembic products, you can find Ron at the Ferguson Observatory. There, he puts his talents to work on astronomical telescopes. He is also active in The Amateur Sky Survey.
Charles LaRoche pic

Charles La Roche has been with us for over ten years. Charles is 68. He is the demon of electronics purchasing. He gets the last column pricing from everybody. His is a difficult job at times. Many of our parts are not off the shelf items and must be custom ordered. Lead time on these custom parts can be as long as 20 weeks. Inventory control is a tricky business. You don't want too much of one thing, and not enough of another. And nobody wants to hear, "how did we run out of that?" Thank you Charles, for keeping it all together!
Tony Stoufer

Tony Stoufer is our pickup man! He also installs the electronics in many of the rack mount units we manufacture. More recently he writes, plays and sings original songs that he has compiled into a CD of 14 songs and is working on a new collection. A talented guy to say the least.
Robert Frates

This is Robert Frates and he is a retired Coast Guard officer where he did search and rescue. For the past 14 years he has been assembling guitar electronics with his wife, Mildred. They also work on various rack mount equipment as well. Grandpa Frates brings us our weekly supply of electronics for the hungry setup room.
Mildred Frates

This is Mildred Frates, known as Millie or Grandma. She has been working in electronics since she was 16. She started at Cornel Dubiler in Massachucettes. She has also worked for Smith Kline Instruments and for Ampex in the late 60's. She has been assembling guitar electronics for the last 18 years for Alembic. She also assembles rack equipment as well. She is particularly proud of the fact that her favorite performer's (Julio Iglesias) bassist has the electronics "she" made in his basses!
Jeff Green

Jeff Green assists Ron with electronic checkout procedures.
Ernie Brown

Ernie Brown began his electronics career while in the Air Force in the early '50's. Worked at Interstate Electronics Corporation in Anaheim as engineer for 22 years. Relocated to Redding, CA, where for five years, he was production manager and purchasing agent for Xilex Corp, manufacturer of mobile telephones. In 1987 he set up his own shop as contract manufacturer and some design work. For Alembic, he assembles circuit boards, cabling, and chassis for some of the rackmount units.
Donna Brown

Donna Brown assists in the shop in the assembly of circuit boards and wiring. Her biggest job is to keep Ernest and Linda in line, organized and on the straight and narrow. We are very proud at Alembic to be associated with such a fine family business.
Linda Brown

Linda Brown (with Sarge) is E & D's daughter. She has worked with her mom and dad since 1991. Prior to that she worked for Xilex Corp in Redding for three years, and spent three years with Current Electronics in Oregon. Currently, she is quality control leader at Ernest Brown Electronics, and she won't let assembly work be called Alembic until she says it's Alembic!
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