Top laminate bird's-eye maple, bubinga, flame maple, walnut, vermilion, wenge, zebrawood
Fingerboard surface fretted or unlined fretless
Orientation right or left handed
4-string 5-string
Scale length 34.00 34.00
Set neck 3 maple w/2 walnut veneers 5 maple w/4 walnut veneers
Fingerboard pau ferro pau ferro
Nut width 1.625 1.875
24th fret width 2.360 2.930
Truss rods dual, body adjust dual, body adjust
Body material 3 piece ash 3 piece ash
Body depth 1.750 1.750
Finish high gloss polyester with satin neck high gloss polyester with satin neck
Pickups Alembic MXY, Alembic FatBoy 4 Alembic MXY5, Alembic FatBoy 5
Controls vol, pan, bass, treble vol, pan, bass, treble
Tailpiece solid brass, half-moon solid brass, half-moon
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh Gold Alembic-Gotoh
100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA

Newest to the Alembic family of fine basses is the Excel. Set neck construction like the familiar Epic and Orion basses offers a focused midrange, and since it extends into the body, sustain unheard of in other set neck or bolt-on makes.

Simple, straightforward electronics are the heart of the Excel. With the Alembic FatBoy pickup in the bridge position, the Excel growls. This extra wide aperture pickup gathers information from a greater length of the string, offering a more complete picture of what the string is doing. It is also loud.

Options? Yes, we wrote the book on options. Fretless is no extra charge. Left-handed never costs extra.

The central piece of the three piece ash body is where the neck joins. By going into a solid chunk of wood, the Excel benefits with greater sustain, but the set-neck joint allows it to retain a punchy tone.

New to the Excel is the Pau Ferro fingerboard. Pau Ferro is hard: in Portuguese, "pau" means wood and "ferro" means iron. It makes a great fingerboard, is less expensive than ebony (and one reason we can offer the Excel at a lower price), plus, it makes a super growly fretless tone. We use aluminum side position markers to contrast with the ruddy color of the Pau Ferro.

Quality is not subjective. Excel basses are handcarved, and glue joints are tight and clean. Each bass is carefully made by the same loving craftspeople that create every Alembic.

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