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Alembic Logo Variations

spacer Bronze Alembic Logo This is our classic Alembic logo, cast in solid bronze by the same local jeweller since 1976.

spacer Silver Alembic Logo Sterling Silver Alembic logo is also a jeweller's casting.

spacer Alembic Logo, Blackened We can have the bronze or silver logo plated to coordinate with your hardware, like this example in black. Care must be taken with the logo finish since certain variations will not contrast with certain wood or color choices.

spacer Surface Mounted Alembic Logo First we inlay mother of pearl and abalone in the peghead then mount a logo, like this gold plated bronze one, above the surface in our traditional manner. This is a good choice when you want the look of the shell inlaid logos, but want the metal portion to be plated.
Inlaid Bronze Alembic Logo With Shell Both the shell and the metal cast logo are mounted on the peghead part way through the finishing process, and are completely sealed under the finish. To coordinate with gold plated or polished brass hardware, we use a polished bronze Alembic logo.
Inlaid Bronze Alembic Logo With Shell and Rays We work our inlay magic again in this version of the inlaid logo with shell, only this time we've added decorative rays emitting from the Alembic cloud in abalone.
Inlaid Bronze Alembic Logo With Shell The sterling silver variation of the inlaid logo with shell is well-suited for instruments with chrome plated hardware, but also looks stunning with polished brass hardware - it coordinates with both the frets and the strings.
Inlaid Bronze Alembic Logo With Shell and Rays Adding the rays to an inlaid logo with shell like the sterling silver one in this example, is like a crowning jewel for your newly treasured Alembic.

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