Top laminate bird's-eye maple, bubinga, flame maple, walnut, vermilion, wenge, zebrawood
Fingerboard surface fretted or unlined fretless
Orientation right or left handed
4-string 5-string 6-string
Scale length 34.00 34.00 34.00
Set neck 3 maple w/2 walnut veneers 5 maple w/4 walnut veneers 5 maple w/4 walnut veneers
Fingerboard ebony ebony ebony
Nut width 1.625 1.875 2.200
24th fret width 2.360 2.930 3.560
Truss rods dual, body adjust dual, body adjust dual, body adjust
Body material mahogany mahogany mahogany
Body depth 1.750 1.750 1.750
Finish high gloss polyester with satin neck high gloss polyester with satin neck high gloss polyester with satin neck
Pickups MXY4 MXY56 MXY56
Controls vol, pan, bass, treble vol, pan, bass, treble vol, pan, bass, treble
Tailpiece solid brass, bird solid brass, bird solid brass, bird
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh Gold Alembic-Gotoh Gold Alembic-Gotoh
100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA

With its graceful sweeping curves, the Orion calls to be played. Answer it, and your musical life will never be the same. Youíll find a comfortable friend in the Orionís handcarved body with your choice of seven different woods for the top.

Active electronics bring true Alembic tone to the Orion. You wonít believe how effortlessly the Orion responds to your touch, easily reproducing even the most subtle fingering techniques. The Orion can help you achieve tones you only dreamed were possible.

Even though the Orion is among our more affordable offerings, it still has the same ebony fingerboard, solid brass machined hardware, and adjustable nut found on our most expensive custom instruments. Like all Alembics, the Orion is completely hand built start to finish in our factory in Santa Rosa, California.

Our design goal for the Orion was to create a set-neck version of our popular Europa bass. While affordability is a consideration, there are no shortcuts here and the Orion is every bit as overbuilt as the rest of our basses.

Set neck construction gives the Orion warm, well-defined midrange response. The cross-grained maple neck is supported by two dual truss rods that adjust at the body. Topped off with a durable ebony fingerboard, the neck has a comfortable shape and complete access to upper frets.

Polyurethane makes the Orion shine. It looks like fine hand-rubbed oil, yet has none of the care problems associated with oil finishes. We keep it thin enough for you to enjoy the tactile pleasure of each different species of wood.

The electronics cavity is shielded with a silver conductive paint that lasts the life of the bass without flaking or breakdown. Pickups and electronics modules hook up with solderless friction-locked connectors.

The construction, control, and sheer playability of the Orion combine to create an instrument that responds instantly to its player.

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