Orion Guitar pic
Top laminate bird's-eye maple, bubinga, flame maple, walnut, vermilion, wenge, zebrawood
Orientation right or left handed
6-string 6-string baritone
Scale length 25.50 28.00
Set neck 3 maple w/2 walnut veneers 3 maple w/2 walnut veneers
Fingerboard ebony ebony
Nut width 1.580 1.625
24th fret width 2.180 2.360
Truss rods dual, body adjust dual, body adjust
Body material mahogany mahogany
Body depth 1.750 1.750
Finish gloss polyester with satin neck gloss polyester with satin neck
Pickups HG HG
Controls vol, bass, treble, 3-pos pickup selector vol, bass, treble, 3-pos pickup selector
Tailpiece fixed solid brass, bird fixed solid brass, bird
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh Gold Alembic-Gotoh
100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA

Alembic makes guitars?! Only for about thirty years or so! In fact, we made just as many guitars as basses before Stanley Clarke got really famous (and our basses along with him) . Since that time, we had a limited production of guitars. That has all changed now and Alembicís legendary clean guitar sound is well within your reach.

You have heard Alembic guitars on recordings from Donovan, Santana, Jerry Garcia, Steve Miller, along with many others. Our guitars have always been renown for their crystal clear sound, beautiful looks, and high price. Now the Orion changes the way you think about Alembic and price.

The Orion is the same quality you see in the the rest of our guitars and basses. Thatís because the Orion is made in our shop in Santa Rosa, California, right along with the rest of Alembicís instruments.

The Orion is built from a mahogany back with an exotic top. We then laminate a contrasting veneer under the top. The neck is made from three laminates of maple, the center piece is straight-grained, while the grains of the outer two pieces oppose each other. This ensures minimum neck movement over the life of the guitar. The neck is set in with our unique "wedge" joint for superior stability. Of course the Orion comes with our dual independent truss rod system.

We then apply a clear polyester finish with a high-gloss rubout to show the maximum beauty of the woods. The neck has the same finish, only it's sanded to satin feel for an incredibly fast feel.

Quiet operation is the foundation of all Alembic guitars and basses. The Orion features two of our HG series hum cancelling pickups with the familiar volume, bass and treble setup. A mini toggle switch selects the pickups. All electronic components are carefully selected and tested. With Alembic, you know you can always count on clear, clean sound that lets all of your technique shine through.

Left handed never costs extra on an Alembic. You can also choose from our list of standard woods including flame California walnut, birdseye maple, flame maple, wenge, zebrawood, bocate, bubinga, and vermilion. You can also order the Orion in a full complement of custom options as stated on our pricelist. If you want custom inlays, special colors, exotic woods, or upgraded electronics, we have got it all.

Our baritone verision of the Orion is a 28" scale length tuned to B or your preference. The gutsy baritone sound is an appropriate addition to all kinds of music, from country and blues, to grunge, heavy metal and pure rock and roll.

If you have never before experienced the Alembic guitar sound, you must find out what you've been missing.

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