Active Cable

Little handmade wooden box to house the battery and some electronics. Power switch with LED for battery function: just flashes once to confirm the battery is good.

Active Cable

Time to change the battery? Slide off the cover... no tools needed!

Active Cable

With the cover completely off.

Active Cable

Display packaging - ready to hang on wall or show under glass at the front counter.

Active Super Cord

Alembic Active Super Cords are all handmade in-house. They are not for active instruments of course, it's for a simple way to get the benefits of a preamp (higher output, isolate capacitance of cable, frequency response of guitar not affected by volume) in a all-in-one package.

Of course you can put a Blaster onboard and use any cable you want, but for those those that have vintage instruments where modification isn't desirable or large collections where it's impractical this is a great option. The 12 foot version is $375, and the 20 foot version is $395 retail. Order with straight or right angle connector on instrument end. These will be available from our authorized dealers.

At our shop, we tried it with a variety of passive guitars and basses and observed a notable increase in gain. On Tony's Seagull acoustic with piezo pickups, there were suddenly lows and the highs were pleasant sounding. It was a huge difference. On Jack's Gibson bass (tuned BEAD), what was once muffled sounding, was still deep, but there was definition and the transients in the attack were present.

Other tests at local music stores revealed that the Alembic Active Super Cord is especially great sounding with Strats and Les Paul guitars. It's been easy to hear the improvement with any passive instrument we tried.

Short Specs: