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Books about wood

The Encyclopedia of Wood

Edited by: Aidan Walker
Published by: Facts on File

This is a great general reference about all types of wood. Especially nice are the full color pictures of every wood described. Complete listings of over a hundred woods including density, bending strength, dulling effect on tools, resistance to insects, etc.

Understanding Wood

R. Bruce Hoadley
Taunton Press

If you want to delve in a little deeper with wood this is your book. Hoadley's lucid explainations of the complex structures of trees help you to gain true understanding about wood, just as the title says.

Identifying Wood

R. Bruce Hoadley
Taunton Press

OK, now you're really in deep. This book is great if you want to make sure the mahogany on your bass is Swietinia macrophylla or if the antique you're buying is really pear wood. Tons of 10X photographs to identify samples under a hand lens. If you love wood, check this one out.

Books about electronics

The Art of Electronics

Horowitz and Hill
Cambridge University Press

This book has a great explaination of filtering, the heart of most of our instrument electronics and of course the SF-2 Superfilter. Everything you read about second-order low-pass filters will relate directly to Alembic basses and guitars. The book is big and expensive and may warrrant a trial run from the library, to make sure that is interests you $80 worth.

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