July 2000

Buckeye Burl

Henry's latest project for us was to recreate much of the feel of his Jerry Jones but with the sound of the Alembics he loves so much (he also has the beautiful Bloodwood guitar featured earlier). It was important to duplicate the feel of the original bass, from the shape of the neck to the spacing of the strings. Since Henry wanted even the setup of the original instrument recreated, he picked up both basses at the same time.
Some items were not duplicated, we used our standard Mahogany body and Henry chose a set of Buckeye Burl for the top and back. The wood is very lightweight and highly shock resistant, and was extensively used for artificial limbs before the plastic age.

Burly Girl
bridge One key element was to recreate the bridge of the original. This would keep a similar feel and tension on the strings, making switching between the instruments much easier. We made our replica out of a solid brass sheet we later chrome plated. The saddles are made from ebony. Three wood screws mount it, just as in the original.

With the mellow sounding Buckeye Burl and shorter-than-short 30 inch scale length, we suggested beefing up the bottom end with ebony neck laminates. Henry agreed after playing the 25th Anniversary Sterling bass at our factory. We also kept the omega cut at the bottom, just like his Bloodwood guitar. omega detail
Wanting to keep the electronics pretty simple, and after trying several basses out, Henry decided on the standard circuit from the Epic model bass, only we mounted the jack on the side.

Jerry needed to test this one out personally! test
front and back


  • 6-string Essence bass
  • Custom string spacing
  • Buckeye Burl top and back
  • Ebony and Maple neck laminates
  • Chrome-plated brass hardware
  • Custom bridge
  • Crown peghead
  • 3/4 size Omega body shape
  • custom shaped omega
  • Epic electronics
  • 30" short scale

Price available on request

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