January 2002

The Bass of Doom

Jimmy's 'Bass of Doom' This is Jimmy's second Alembic bass. After owning a custom Mark King model, he was ready for his ultimate bass: a Series I with dark straight-grained Coco Bolo. Named while under construction, Jimmy's "Bass of Doom" certainly does shake the walls between its solid core construction and Ebony neck laminates. Who cares if it weighs a lot? Certainly not the man that ordered it -- he specifically requested that the bass be very heavy. All the better to sustain with, my dear.

point of the Doom Jimmy preferred the styling on our early basses where many had a softer look to the point carving. This was a featured shared with his first bass, and he asked us to replicate it on this order. You also get a glimpse of some of the hippie sandwich on this photo. From top to back he's got: Coco Bolo, Maple, Vermilion, Maple, Cherry core with central Vermilion veneer, Maple, Vermilion, Maple, Coco Bolo. Whew! That's eleven pieces in the sandwich. Also, notice the small accent veneer of Ebony framing the neck.
short scale peghead
Chrome hardware is standard for Series I basses, but even if it wasn't Jimmy wanted it on this bass. The colored ball ends and dark blue silk reveal that Jimmy supplies his own choice of strings for the setup. These are D'Addario Chromes flat wound strings. Since the hardware is all plated after the setup, the slots in the nut and bridge exactly match the gauges of the strings Jimmy selected.
body under construction heel construction Early during the construction.
body front with sealer coats body back sealer coats After the first few sealer coats of finish are applied.
hippie sandwich peghead in spray Still in spray, a look at the sandwich and the peghead with inlaid logo in the drying room.
doom front doom front


  • 4-string Series I
  • 34.00 long scale
  • Coco Bolo top and back
  • Cherry core
  • Ebony neck laminates
  • Series II electronics
  • Standard Point body, softy carved
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Inlaid logo with shell
  • Chrome plated hardware

Price available on request

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