November 2001

12-string Wonder

David's Series II David has been playing his Series I graphite neck guitar since 1980. Once he got the itch for a 12-string, he knew it was time for Alembic number 2. After shopping around playing all the acoustics he could find, he settled on neck dimensions that suited him and ordered a Series II 12-string version of that original guitar we made for him over twenty years ago.
With every new project, new opportunities arise, and David was most intrigued about the Ebony laminates we'd been using lately in necks. What he sought was sustain - substantial sustain - and that is what Ebony delivers. Ebony emphasizes the fundamental as well as the second harmonic, making the sustained sound extremely full and complete sounding, anything but typical.
peghead front peghead back The only Maple on this guitar are four peghead veneers. Instead of the usual Walnut, we used Purpleheart for the remaining peghead veneers, in keeping with the restricted wood pallette.
We think the Knob peghead shape compliments the Omega body perfectly. We bookmatch the front veneers on Series II guitars.
The string nut is fixed, just as on the 6-string that inspired this guitar. nut
oval Oval inlays are in laminated green Abalone heart.
Close inspection reveals the Ebony in the neck isn't pure black, even though it appears that way in some light and from a distance. wood detail
battery cover Another detail of the construction is the overall body thickness. On our more recent models, we've reduced the thickness to help relieve some of the weight. On David's guitar we kept the original 1.85 inch thickness and also the original plate configuration, round battery plate and all - only this time, we flush mounted it.
Purpleheart and Zebrawood make a striking Hippie Sandwich. Yum
omega The inner surface of the Omega: tips are part of the neck.
With individual saddles for each string, the space is pretty cramped. This is a great application for our concealed hardware bridge. Compare this to the standard bridges fitted on our instruments. hardware
back back


  • 12-string Series II guitar
  • Zebrawood top and back
  • Purpleheart core
  • Ebony and Purpleheart neck
  • 3/4 Guitar Omega body shape with tummy and elbow contour
  • side LED markers in red
  • 24k gold plated hardware
  • Concealed hardware bridge
  • Fixed nut
  • Abalone inlays
  • Knob peghead shape
  • Series II electronics with Mellow Filters

Price available on request

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