August 2000

Fire and Ice

This custom bass revolves around the fancy Mutant Maple (our pet name for Burl Maple that combines figures of burl, flame and quilt, in the same board). Starting at the tip of the peghead, the wood plays a dominant role as the focal point of this bass. We've bookmatched the front of the peghead from a scrap of wood used on the body. It's a rich, golden maple that changes across the face from intensely burled areas to big, broad flames, and even swirly quilted regions.
tailpiece In this closeup of the bird tailpiece, you can get an idea of how smooth and reflective the chrome plating is. The bass is aglow with the warm Burl Maple and contrasts sharply with the icy chrome plating.

Lothar decided to pass on the LED side position markers that come standard on the Series II model, opting instead for the branze inlaid markers that come on our other basses. side dots
Here's a view of the point at the bottom of the bass. Everything is scaled down since the body is only 75% of the normal size for the Standard Point body.

front front


  • 4-string Series II bass
  • Burl Maple top and back
  • 3/4 size Standard Point body shape
  • Chrome-plated brass hardware
  • Bronze side position markers

Price available on request

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