February 2001


If only you could see this bass in person! Made from the dreamiest golden Quilted Maple, highlighted with golden-hued mother of pearl inlays, and finished off with amber side LEDs, this bass really lives up to its nickname "Goldilocks" and we think she is absolutely stunning, awash in wall-to-wall master grade Quilted Maple. Scroll down to see the back is every bit as beautiful.
This is John's second Alembic bass. A month after he got his fancy Walnut Series II with the Alchemy inlay, he placed his order for this bass.

Tippy top
Let's check out Goldilocks from the top. At the very end of the peghead, you can see how the neck laminates and reinforcing veneers are layered. The result is beautiful, and strong.

PegheadThe front of the peghead is bookmatched.

Goldplated hardware looks perfect with this golden Quilted Maple. It never tarnishes, so it's always this shiny. Even the slots in the brdige saddles and the string nut are plated, so none of the brass will corrode. tailpiece
With the top bookmatched to center, and the back as well, the area around the omega carving gets very interesting. When we cut out the omega, we leave the maple tips from the neck. You can also take a glimpse at the Purpleheart veneer at the center of the Mahogany core.

front back


  • 5-string Series II bass
  • Custom string spacing
  • 5A Quitled Maple top, bookmatched to center
  • 5A Quitled Maple back, bookmatched to center
  • 24k goldplated hardware
  • Omega body shape
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Golden Mother of Pearl oval inlays

Price available on request

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