September 2000

Retro Appeal

The customer that designed this bass has been collecting early Alembics for many years. What we present here is Michael's "Best Of" - the collection of his favorite features from his many Alembics combined on one instrument.
This bass starts as something very unusual, a Small Standard body with a 32" medium scale neck. We only build this at special request and only if the customer has previously tried this combination, since some feel it is neck heavy, though that is not the case with Michael. He holds the body into his own with his upper right arm and has no balance problem with the bass. In fact, this is now his favorite bass.

Michael's retro bass
cover To recreate the feel of one of his most cherished basses, we placed the truss rod cover in the same position as his 20th Anniversay model bass. The earliest basses have very narrow covers (or were so close to the fingerboard that there was no cover at all). Currently we leave a touch more room if no special position is requested.

Many of Michael's basses have a hand-cut logo. To keep this part of the bass special on his new bass, he chose the inlaid logo with shell backing. It's recessed under the finish so you can't feel it al all when you run your fingers over it. peghead detail
If you've been wondering what a hippie sandwich was, get a load of this mouthwatering morsel!

front and back


  • 4-string Signature Standard bass
  • Custom string spacing and neck feel
  • 5A Quilted Maple top, Flame Maple back
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Custom pickup postion
  • Mother of Pearl Oval inlays
  • Chrome Alembic Gotoh tuners
  • Inlaid logo with shell
  • Small Standard body shape, 70's template
  • 20th Anniversary electronics with 5-pin output
  • 32" medium scale

Price available on request

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