August 2001

The Purple Princess

Even though there are many distinguishing features on this Series II bass, what is perhaps most striking is the intense Purpleheart top that commands your attention. While many woods we use like Coco Bolo and Zebrawood are notable for their exotic graining patterns, Purpleheart's natural violet color is what sets it apart.
Susan's custom Series II with modified Rogue body shape was dubbed "The Purple Princess" since it's unusual for us to build with a Purpleheart top and back, surely she must be a princess in all that royal purple! But don't let that pretty face and graceful body mislead, this is a bass that growls and delivers in her low frequency domain.
Susan's 5-string
accent laminate Taking the glance down the body, notice the thin Maple veneer used as an accent laminate under both the top and back. Susan chose this to keep the overall look understated. We think it looks very sharp.
Flip the bass over and check out the deep carved heel and the contoured tummy cut. It may be a bit hard to spot, but Susan had us rub the backside of the neck to a soft satin finish. At the heel the rubout returns to the overall glossy finish. elbow cut
peghead Susan's first Alembic was an Orion 5-string in Walnut. When she ordered this custom bass, she wanted to have the peghead shape match her original bass. Usually the Rogue body is paired with the cone peghead shape.
The day she came to select the woods for the top and back of her bass, Susan spied several customs with the inlaid logo and shell. As is befitting a princess, the bass could not be denied this feature.


The Series II bass now comes standard with these fancy continuous wood backplates. The wood is always taken from the very same piece as the back or neck and allows seamless access to the electronics compartments. backplate
front back


  • 5-string Series II bass
  • Purpleheart top and back
  • unlined Ebony fretless fingerboard
  • Modified Rogue body shape
  • Orion 5-string peghead shape
  • Side LEDs in red, inlaid in silver circles
  • Satin neck feel
  • 24k gold plated solid brass hardware
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Inlaid logo with shell

Price available on request

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