March 2001

Heart's Desire

Robes considered many options before making his final decisions on this custom bass. Critical was the placement of the neck pickup, which he moved closer the bridge than is standard for a Mark King Deluxe model. This allows Robes plently of room for slapping, and encourages a bright slap sound without sacrificing the bottom end. Of course, the Coco Bolo top and back don't hurt in the tone department. Famous for it's rich and deep emphasis on the low tones and ringing brights for the upper end, Coco Bolo is a natural choice for a slap bass that you also want to remain versatile.
Since Robes wasn't able to visit us in person until his bass was completed, he selected the wood from a group of .jpg files we emailed to him. We selected boards that we felt reflected his desire for a dark red color without alot of dominant swirl patterns. Once he decided on the top, we picked a back that best matched and began constructing his bass.

Robes' Soulmate
LEDs down neck

One of the most striking features of this bass is the row of superbright Laser LEDs down the front of the fingerboard. These LEDs aren't really lasers, but they are very bright, at 2 candlepower each. That's one thousand times brighter than the LEDs we put on the side of the neck. This picture is taken with a standard 1/60 of a second exposure with lots of light on a sunny day and they still look bright.
Robes felt the Standard Point body shape was too large for his taste, but he really liked its form. So we suggested using the 3/4 sized version. Happy with this, he also requested using the Heart Omega variation, which translates just fine to the smaller size of this body shape. Check out how Kris placed the wood so that the indented swirl of the grain falls right between the pickups. body
Another special request was to angle the tuning pegs very slightly so they tilted down down when viewed in a stand. It's very subtle, so it doesn't look glaringly unusual at first.
front front


  • 4-string Signature Deluxe bass
  • Coco Bolo top and back
  • 3/4 Standard Point body shape, Heart Omega variation
  • Laser LEDs on front of fingerboard
  • Custom pickup placement
  • Custom tuning key placement
  • Custom string spacing
  • High-gloss polyester finish
  • 34" long scale

Price available on request

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