October 2000

Short and Sweet

When Dave ordered this custom bass, he knew he wanted something very special. So he decided to make the trek from Maryland to pick out the particular front and back laminates. It also gave us a great opportunity to learn directly from him what he wanted from the bass so we could give appropriate advice on other features. What started as a short scale Series II evolved into a masterpiece.

Dave's sweet thing
side and cavities

After seeing the elaborate lamination pattern on the Sterling 25th Anniversary model, Dave decided on something similar, but still uniquely his own. He started with a Maple core and Purpleheart accent laminates, then added the triple pinstripes for a bound effect.
In the second picture, you can see how the accent laminates run from the outside edge of the bass all the way through to the pickup and bridgeblock cavities. So cool!

With such a nice Burl Walnut top and back, we found a nice little piece of burl walnut hiding in a drawer from yesteryear to make the peghead veneers. It's also your first glimpse at the custom inlay. peghead detail
tippy top and bottom

From tip to tail, this bass is absolutely stunning. That little Ebony and Maple tip may look fragile, but it is much stronger than the Maple omega tips it protects.
Even though he was in love with our Alchemy inlay pattern, Dave wanted to make his bass a little more special, so he added this custom inlay at the first fret. This Egyptian eye is inlaid in silver, mother of pearl and ebony, and looks perfectly at home with the Alembic Alchemy inlays. peghead detail
front and back


  • 4-string Series II bass
  • Custom string spacing and neck feel
  • 7-piece Maple and Ebony neck
  • 24K gold plated hardware
  • Alchemy inlays in silver with custom 1st fret inlay
  • 3/4 sized Standard Point body with Stinger variation
  • Gold Alembic Gotoh tuners
  • Maple core, 13-piece laminated body
  • High-gloss polyester finish
  • 30.75" short scale

Price available on request

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