January 2001

Flame Maple Custom

This customer loved the look of the classic Series I and Series II basses, but he wanted something unique. We had just recently made a prototype of a new version of the Standard Point body shape, designed for 5 and 6 string long and extra long scales, and it seemed the perfect match for this project. In keeping with Spencer's desire for something special, he decided to have the bottom carved smooth, instead of the traditional point or omega detail.
This is the first custom bass we made based on the new Balance Point body shape. Notice the upper horn is extended in order to improve the balance of the bass on a strap, and the rest of the body is modified slightly to keep the spirit of the original Point body shape.

Spencer's Dream Bass
truss cover

After selecting the continuous wood backplates option, Spencer also had us make the truss rod cover continuous wood. We took a slice off the neck before gluing the fingerboard on and reserved it to cover the brass plate.
When selecting the top wood , Spencer was very specific about the type of figure, color and angle of the Flame Maple. The same was true for the peghead laminates. The front of the peghead is bookmatched and angled to his specifications. peghead
side LEDs

Here's the view while playing the bass: side LEDs make sure you can find your way on a dimly lit stage. We added a dimmer control on the inside of the electronics cavity to allow Spencer to set the brightness where he prefers. The LEDs light up automatically when the bass is plugged in. Batteries that supply power to the LEDs are separate from the main electronics.
The custom electronics use the Signature controls, with an added boost mode switch and a side-mounted jack. A two-color LED on the front of the bass reports if the bass is in normal or extra boost mode. When playing music that requires precise and repeated volume changes, this function can prove to be most useful.

led mode indicator

front and back


  • 5-string Signature Deluxe bass
  • Flame Maple top, Mahogany body
  • Balance Point body shape, smooth variation
  • Flame Maple back with continuous wood backplates
  • Custom string spacing and neck feel
  • Continuous wood truss rod cover
  • side LEDs in red with internal dimmer
  • Bookmatched peghead
  • 24K gold plated hardware
  • High-gloss polyester finish
  • 34" long scale

Price available on request

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