November 2000

Coco Bolo Fantasy

Coco Bolo from edge to edge, that's your first impression from this gorgeous custom bass. Will wanted the most from the Coco Bolo, so he picked some features to really show it off. For starters, we concealed the neck under the top bookmatch. Then just to get the maximum Coco Bolo viewed, Will asked us to cover the truss rod cover with continuous wood. There lots of other unique features to this bass, so please take your time and enjoy Will's bass.

Will's Coco Bolo fantasy
truss cover

Since one of the more unique features of this bass is the wood covered truss rod cover, we thought it would be a nice place to start this custom tour. The brass plate we normally install is securely glued to the decorative Coco Bolo. You can see how it isn't just any piece of Coco Bolo, this one is the fallout piece taken from the top, so just like the continuous wood backplates you're familiar with, all the grain of the wood shows continuous from the plate to the face.
This bottom view gives you a glimpse at the ebony and maple neck laminates, the triple pinstripe accent laminates under the top, and the gleaming gold plated hardware. See how shiny the polyester finish is? bottom detail

On the upper body half elbow contour, the triple accent pinstripes of Maple, Purpleheart and Maple widen as more surface area is exposed by the angle of the cut.
The goldplated hardware accents the warm color of the top wood nicely. In this closeup of the bridge, you can see the string saddle, the cylindrical spacer, the two rails and the bridge block below are all goldplated. The knurled pin and intonation screw are stainless steel and left unplated. Hey, are those flatwound strings Will? bridge detail

Will prefered the look of the Orion 5-string peghead, and was so taken by other Featured Customs, that he opted for the inlaid logo with shell. When most of the finish is on the bass, Jonathon or James will inlay the logo and shell pieces. Then they fill the well created with a cool optically clear epoxy to bring it up to the level of the finish on the instrument. At this point, it looks something like this. Once it's sanded smooth, then the final few coats of polyester finish are applied. The result is stunning.
One of the more subtle details is a thin veneer of ebony at the joint between the neck and body. Only visible from the back, this little treat is only for those fortunate enough to play this bass, or for readers of this website. neck accents

Another feature just for the player is a selective rubout of the finish. While the Coco Bolo looks best under the high gloss rubout, to get the fastest feeling neck, we knock the polyester finish down to a satin feel on the back of the neck. It feels silky and smooth. There is no charge for this option on any instrument that has the polyester finish.
Will designed this bass when we were running a special on the side LEDs. Of course he selected red to coordinate with the Coco Bolo. His are inlaid in tiny sterling silver circles so that positions are visible even when the LEDs aren't illuminated. led
front and back
front and back


  • 5-string Signature Deluxe bass
  • Coco Bolo top boomatched to center
  • Triple accent pinstripes
  • Coco Bolo back with continuous wood backplates
  • Custom string spacing and neck feel
  • 7-piece Maple and Ebony neck
  • Ebony veneer at neck/body joint
  • Clear gloss finish with satin neck feel
  • 24K gold plated hardware
  • No fingerboard inlays
  • Side LEDs in red in silver circles
  • Inlaid peghead logo with shell
  • Custom Europa body shape
  • Gold Alembic Gotoh tuners
  • High-gloss polyester finish
  • 34" long scale

Price available on request
Will owns Fast Cash Guitars, our dealer near Nashville, and has been known to bring his bass to work on occassion :) You can call him at (615) 824 3245 if you plan to visit his bass.

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