May 1999

Custom Excel

It was only a matter of time before we were asked to make a custom Excel bass. Our good friend Adam was looking for a fretless bass. But having played a medium scale Exploiter bodied Spoiler for years, as much as he liked the Excel, he really needed the 32" scale length to make the transition to fretless as painless as possible.

Adam also decided to have the back of the bass in a matching walnut bookmatch. Instead of the standard aluminum side markers, this bass has sterling silver ones placed just behind the maple line, indicating finger position.

Other woodworking features include a back laminate of the same fancy Superb Flame Walnut as the top and inlaid maple fretlines.

Adam's Excel


  • 5-string Excel Bass
  • Superb Flame Walnut top and back
  • Pau Ferro fingerboard with inalid maple fretlines
  • Sterling Silver side position markers
  • Medium (32") scale

Price available on request

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