All About Color

All About Color
Sometimes a custom project takes months and months of planning. Rarely, the planning stage can stretch into years. Even more rare is the event where an Alembic dealer calls us at the factory, places an order for a customer we've never met and the specifications don't change once the project starts. All About Color is one of those rarest builds, where we don't even know the customer we are crafting for.
We're pretty sure our mystery customer plays in a military band. We're also hoping that he/she loves the bass, since after Washington Music shipped the bass and confirmed it arrived safely, neither one of us had heard hide nor hair of it.
Though the specification list is somewhat restrained, it's amazing what a unique and beautiful bass we can create with just a few modest variations from the standard model.
wood All about color indeed when you start with a juicy Vermilion top laminate. This shockingly red-orange hue is the natural color of the wood. Over time, it deepens to a brick-red color.
The Purpleheart accent laminate wouldn't offer much contrast to the top, so we added a small pinstripe of Maple between the two.
Just barely noticable is a colorful surprise - a Myrtle body.
Neck laminations So pretty! The classic Alembic combination of Maple and Purpleheart is enhanced both visually and sonically by the addition of an Ebony as a central neck laminate. That nice nearly black strip running the length of the neck is so cool looking. Better than fashion, that chunk of Ebony takes the fundamental portion of a sustained note and keeps it going. Overall tone is somewhat "beefier" thanks again to the Ebony.

peghead peghead
The Crown peghead shape always looks best paired with the Small Standard body shape. For the past few years, we haven't been installing the Alembic name under the logo - it's more like a secret society that way!

Tailpiece Just your standard solid brass bridge and bird tailpiece. These are machined right here in our own shop and handfinished.
Whoever you are, mystery customer, we think your colorful bass is just awesome!

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  • Signature Standard Bass
  • Vermilion top
  • Myrtle body
  • Maple, Purpleheart and Ebony through body neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl oval inlays
  • Sold by: Washington Music
    11151 Viers Mill Rd
    Wheaton, MD 20902
    (301) 946 8808
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Text and Photographs of bass © 2009 Alembic, Inc.

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