American Beauty

Like the rose we've named her after, this special Alembic Series I guitar is rich in almost endless red color. She is a study of restraint in design and grace in execution. The custom features on this guitar were selected to make the most of the Quilted/Burl Coco Bolo: bookmatch top to center, bookmatch back to center, and continuous wood backplates. The Maple accent laminate frames her face like a halo.
Her mere presence is an invitation to touch her and hear how a premium guitar handles. Bottom line, she's both candy to the eye and the ear.

The deeply carved heel provides easy access to the uppermost frets. Note how the accent laminate widens as it flows into the tummy carving.
Since this wood is so rare, we need to make our own veneers for the front and back of the peghead.
peghead front peghead back
There is no way you could ever take a wood like this and not crown it with an inlaid logo with shell. The solid sterling silver logo is backed with mother of pearl and abalone. It's recessed under the polyester finish.
Firey-red intense molten lava look to the top. There's only enough of this wood to make four more instruments, after that, who knows when such a material will be available again.
wood detail
body front body back

  • Series I guitar
  • Spectrum body shape
  • Bookmatch top and back to center
  • Quilted/Burl Coco Bolo top and back
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Inlaid logo with shell
  • Mother of Pearl oval inlays
  • Chrome plated hardware
Price available on request
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