Distill-App Our first app for the iPhone, the "Distill-app" makes it easy to organize all your Alembic stuff. You can keep track of your favorite Alembics, find Alembics near you, and perhaps the best feature: Identify. No more playing "name that Alembic" in our almost endless world of custom options. It's as easy as taking a picture and the app does the rest (in most cases).

Distill-App Using the HD camera already in your iPhone, the Distill-app analyzes any image of any Alembic and reports back the most likely spec sheet, at least from the front view. You'll know the proper model name, likely woods and inlay materials. Our exclusive "bass recognition" technology to accurately observe any Alembic bass and instantly clear up confusion about the model. Is it a Spoiler with Signature electronics or a Signature with a Spoiler body shape. Distill-App knows.
Sorry, back view details and guitars won't be available until version 2.0 later this year.

Distill-App Once you have the report, you can either "Try Again" and take a new picture if you don't think the report is correct, or save it off to "MyLembic" page and recall the details anytime you like. While on the MyLembic page, you can add your own notes, and even record a short sound clip for future reference.
You can then scroll through your saved Alembics, share with a variety of social networking sites, and dream about your next Alembic! We'd love to hear what you'd like the Distill-App to become, please email us at distill-app@alembic.com.
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