Honey Pie

Honey Pie
We were thrilled when Justin wanted a Burl Maple Further guitar. While the first one we built was in Coco Bolo, most Further guitars have been made with the standard Quilted Maple top laminate. It just so happened that a large stash of Burl Maple we had stored for years was ready for slicing. Apparently, it was just waiting for Justin's guitar.

I had quite a few reactions to my Further. The craftsmanship was even more amazing than I'd expected (having only seen/played one Alembic - a Tribute - in person before I ordered the Further). The woodwork is beautiful - the purpleheart blends perfectly with the darkish natural tint of the burl maple. Even after a year, sometimes I still just stare at it, or pick it up and admire its nuances.

Burl Maple One of the first decisions Justin made about his custom guitar was the wood. The Burl Maple we selected has a rich, dark honey hue, with color zoning that almost looks like a natural sunburst. Just stunning!
neck laminations Even though this is the standard neck lamination pattern for a Further guitar, it sure is pretty! Cherry as the center laminate, flanked by Purpleheart and Western Maple.
peghead peghead
Peghead veneers are selected to match the body laminations. Usually the Further guitar has a front peghead veneer of Ebony, but Justin wanted all the beautiful Burl Maple he could get.

inlaid logo The inlaid logo is a jeweller's casting in sterling silver. The cloud is inlaid with mother of pearl, and within the dragon is paua abalone shell. This is recessed into the peghead, and covered with a thin layer of optically clear epoxy. Then we spray our regular polyester atop the whole thing as the rest of the guitar is finished. When it's done - you can't feel it at all. We know it doesn't make it sound better, but good looks can be inspiring!
Front Back
I find it to be a gutsy (yet eloquent) instrument. Even for its small size, it has quite a powerful voice - and it really wants to be played! The clarity of tone is really what distinguishes it, though - everything I read about Alembic electronics is true - shiny highs that aren't at all brittle, punchy and clear mids and lows, and tone controls that need to be explored and learned - it really doesn't sound like any of my other instruments. It needed to be lived with for a while before I found the perfect settings for my style - which makes it truly unique, and well worth the wait.

We're so glad you're pleased with your Further. We loved how keeping the project fairly simple made the Burl Maple the focus of the visuals, and that the tone remained flexible. Enjoy!


  • Further 6-string guitar
  • Burl Maple top and back
  • Burl Maple front peghead veneer
  • Flame Maple, Purpleheart, and Cherry neck
  • Purpleheart core
  • Inlaid sterling silver logo with shell
  • Sold by:
    G Guitars
    153 East Street 4th Floor
    New Haven CT 06511
    (866) 508-5550 toll free
    (203) 786-4734 in CT
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