Knobfest You never know who's going to be on the line when you answer the phone. Some 31 months ago, we received a call from the mayor of a small town planning a big event. They wanted to commission a special tribute to their hamlet for the "Pride of Knobworth" sesquicentennial parade, or "Knobfest" as it is known throughout the county.
Knobbersham-by-the-sea is a small idyllic village nestled on the southern coast of England which has come to be completely peopled by musicians. The population is only 47, and each person wanted to have a commemmorative control placed on the bass to signfiy this historic event.
As with anything designed by a committee, there are always compromises. Some folks were not happy to be reduced to a mere switch in place, but c'est la vie!
wood "5A Quilted Maple is da bomb. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!" was the rather surprising battle cry of the parade's Grand Marshal, Nigel Tufnel.
peghead peghead
Gotta match that luscious Quilted Maple on the front and back of peghead. But the really special part is on the back.
We've created a custom "balance" control that can fine tune the angle the bass hangs from a strap. In extreme settings, you can even change the chiromancy, handy when your south paw brother in law needs to borrow your bass.
layout To learn about the custom controls on this bass, click the image to the left for a detailed diagram.
The bass is now permanently on display at the Knobbersham Music Hall. What a wonderful and enigmatic gift for their posterity, and what a geniune pleasure it was to craft such a piece.

Front Back


  • Custom 5-string bass
  • 5A Quilted Maple top and back
  • Balance K Heart Omega body
  • Tummy and elbow contouring
  • Golden mother of pearl inlays
  • Custom electronics
  • Balance control on obverse of peghead
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