January 2003


The namesake of this guitar is the inlaid medallion under the tailpiece of "Rosie." Susan drew several versions for Joe to evaluate after they discussed the composition. We posted the initial design in the Alembic Club. Joe sent a picture of his wife's hat to Susan to incorporate in to the design (he just couldn't bear looking at the bald skull head). After some additional tweaking, he was happy with the design.

Rosie Rosie herself is inlaid in Mother of Pearl with a Black Tahitian Mother of Pearl hat (which is much darker in real life). In her teeth she's holding an Abalone rose with a Sterling Silver stem. The background is Ebony bound with Maple and Ebony. This is all under the finish and totally invisible to the touch.
peghead In 2001 we started using Ebony as the facing veneer for all our guitars. It's elegant and looks especially good with the inlaid logo and shell, which is standard on all tribute guitars. The cloud is backed with Mother of Pearl and inside the circle formed by the dragon is green Abalone. Just like the inlay of Rosie, it's inlaid beneath the finish. The back veneer is Coco Bolo, which matches the top of the guitar.
Scrolls inlay After seeing the Scrolls inlay on Steve's custom Further guitar, Joe knew they would be the very thing for his guitar. The inlays are done in Mother of Pearl and James cuts each piece by hand.
Check out the Flame Maple core. Wow!

Inlay detail Inlay detail Inlay detail Laser LEDs
Body detail Wood detail Peghead inlay End detail

Front Back


  • 6-string Tribute Guitar
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl Scrolls inlay
  • Coco Bolo top and back
  • Continuous Wood backplate
  • Custom body inlay
  • High gloss polyester finish
  • 5-piece Maple, Cherry and Purpleheart neck
  • Inlaid logo with shell
  • Decorative brass pickup ring

Price available on request.

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