September 2003

Dancin' Ruthie

Ruthie Guitar You may have been watching this guitar's development on the Alembic Club , and while we projected completion at the end of June, it wasn't until the end of August that Ruthie came to life and sang her first song. As you can see from the following pictures, this journey was worth the extra wait.
We received our first email from Sam on November 26, 2002 stating he was interested in a Tribute guitar with an inlay that mimicked Jerry Garcia's "Rosebud" guitar featuring Dancing Annie. By March, Sam and Susan had worked out most of the details for the guitar. Sam selected the top for Ruthie, one that was well suited to the overall design and has a symmetry and flow that connect all aspects of this stunning guitar.
ruthie inlay Ruthie is named after Sam's wife and is the reason there's a small Conure parrot perched on her shoulder. "Peppy" is often found on Ruthie's shoulder in real life. In the inlay, Peppy has a green abalone body, New Zealand paua shell for wings and one tail feather. The other tail feathers are red and green abalone.
Dancin' Ruthie has a ponytail of donkey shell and an abundance of Pink Ivory wood roses atop her skull. Three petals float around from her dancing. She's got Pink Ivory lips and a set of blue zircons for eyes, adding to her femininity and contributing a certain "sparkle" to her personality.
She's dressed in a skirt layered from black Tahitian mother of pearl, ripple figure abalone and golden mother of pearl. She holds in her hand a tambourine made of silver, abalone and mother of pearl. To complete the picture, she dances over a mother of pearl banner engraved with her name.
Ruthie and the other inlays on this guitar were designed by Susan then inlaid by James.
personalization Sam often has the opportunity to admire Jerry's instrument at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sam wanted to personalize his Tribute with his name inlaid similarly.
the eye The eye is a further personalization with special meaning for Sam as he is an eye surgeon. The eye is mother of pearl with a predominatly green abalone iris. James inlaid ebony for the pupil and engraved small red veins in the white mother of pearl sclera.
This instrument is truly a tribute to the man who inspired it and many a guitar player.
Enjoy it and play well, Sam!
bridge and tail lookie! woooooood
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  • 6-string Tribute Guitar
  • Carved Coco Bolo top
  • Flame Maple body
  • Vermilion and Maple accent laminates
  • Flame Maple, Purpleheart and Cherry set neck
  • Polyester finish with satin neck feel
  • Custom 12th fret inlay
  • Custom inlaid medailion
  • Custom 24th fret inlay
  • Custom curved tailpiece
Price available on request
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