Six String Sensation

Epic 6 Rodney called Susan to tell her how much he liked the used Epic 4-string bass he had recently bought. Shortly after that, he visited Uncle Bob's music and puchased a new Epic 5-string. Rodney had a 6-string bass made by another high end manufcaturer in his collection that when he compared to the Epics, he remarked to Susan, "How can the entry level Alembic sound better than my $8000 custom bass? But it does!" He traded that bass in and arranged with Tyler for his custom 6-string Epic.
A six string bass is always a special instrument, so it's perfectly natural that when Rodney ordered his custom Alembic that he wanted to incorporate his favorite features. So while at first glance it looks almost like a normal Epic 6-string, the bass reveals its true custom nature on closer inspection.
Rodney loved the idea of the electronics from the East Meets West bass, so it topped the list of custom options for his dream bass. Pairing the traditional Epic controls of volume, pan, bass and treble with an added low-pass filter and Q-switch makes a simple to use but extremely versatile control layout.
peghead back Rodney wanted a powerful sounding 6-string with tons of sustain. The logical answer is our Ebony neck laminates. Normal string behavior is for the fundamental to decay fairly rapidly, with the second harmonic making most of the sustained sound. Adding Ebony neck laminates is a bit of magic - the fundamental and second harmonic decay at about the same rate, resulting in an earth-shaking, cloud-rumbling low end that continues throught the sustain of the note. Words fall short of the miracle of an Ebony neck.
Another detail of the neck is that we've finished it with a satin rubout. This final handsanding with 3000 grit sandpaper leaves a silky smooth finish that never feels sticky, great for all those 6-string solos! On the other side, it's an extra long 35 inch scale fitted with heavy .034-.135 strings.
Tummy contour Standard on all Epic bodies is a hand carved deep tummy contour. This "scoop" out of the back of the Mahogany body makes it very comfortable to play.
straplock Recessed straplocks are a nice finishing touch. With a hefty 6-string bass, it's a little extra security, plus they look pretty cool when the strap is off.
tailpiece The chrome plated hardware will never tarnish. We do it right, by setting up the entire bass first, then sending the individual brass parts to the chrome plater. This way, even the slots in the bridge saddles and string nut are plated, and there is no point for corrossion to start. The chrome plating is actually harder than the brass it covers.
 Flame Maple It's not just Flame Maple - it's an exceptional example! Go ahead, click the picture to enlarge it and check out the depth of the figure.
hardware jack bridge Closeupl
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  • Epic 6-string bass
  • Flame Maple top
  • Double accent: Purpleheart pinstripe with Maple
  • Ebony neck laminates
  • Brass truss rod cover
  • Brass backplates
  • Chrome plated hardware
  • Custom electronics
    • volume
    • pan
    • bass
    • treble
    • filter
    • Q-switch
    • side mounted jack
  • Polyester gloss finish with satin neck feel
  • Price available on request
    Sold by by:
    Uncle Bob's Music
    10220 W Greenfield
    W Allis, WI 53214
    (414) 453 2700
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