November 1999

Rhapsody in Blue

Anyone that was (or is) a fan of John Paul Jones' custom Alembic basses from the 70s instantly recognizes the distinctive body shape of this bass. With its deeply carved body contours, this Triple Omega custom bass turns every head that comes to our showroom. The Quilted Maple looks like ocean waves under the tinted green to blue finish. This is our first Oceanburst finish instrument.

omega detail Up so close to the omega, you get to see what a truly expert carver can accomplish. After we glue the body on to the neck, Kris carves the omega detail at the bottom, leaving the maple from the neck in place as the tips of the omega.
You can still see the five-piece maple and purpleheart neck through the tinted paint. neck
peghead We veneer quilted maple on both the front and back of the peghead to coordinate with the top wood. We burst the finish on the front and back of the peghead, as well as the front and back of the body and the back of the neck.
Take a peek at the inner workings of this bass. There's a trimpot to set the gain of each pickup. This allows you to adjust the height of the pickups to the tone you like best, then correct for the volume difference electronicly. Often you are stuck with the output being dependent on the height to determine the pickup output, with no means of refinement or correction. Pickup height is one of the tone adjustments you can use to establish your own signature sound.
Included is a volume, filter and two-position Q-switch for each pickup, four-position rotary pickup selector switch and a mono/stereo switch. If you're familiar with Series I electronics, these controls will be second nature. There is no dummy humcanceller, since this bass uses our AXY self humcancelling pickups. These are the same electronics that we featured in our 20th Anniversary basses.
Are you in love? This bass is available for purchase through your local Alembic dealer, shipped from our showroom immediately. Enjoy!

blue body


  • 4-string Custom Bass
  • Quilted Maple top
  • Purpleheart accent laminate
  • Oceanburst finish
  • Triple Omega body shape
  • 20th Anniversary electronics

Price available on request

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