June 2002


The Unicorn Wayne has been dreaming of this bass for many years. Late in 2001, circumstances allowed Wayne to commission this masterpiece of sound and vision. Of course the stunning design of the instrument is the first thing you notice, but each of these visual treats had to first qualify for the intended sonic result.
Once the perfect Quilted Maple top was selected, Wayne had it paired with a striking Flame Maple back. The accent laminates should look unusual. Unicorn is the first Alembic to feature Coco Bolo accent laminates. Wayne already had a Coco Bolo Series II bass and knew he wanted the influence of Coco Bolo to shape the sound of this creation. Combined with an Ebony laminated neck, this bass reaches deep down to present unparalleled fundamental sustain, rich bass response and crystalline piano-like highs for its unique voice.

peghead front peghead back
Quilted Maple front and back veneers on the Crown peghead. Wayne had a special request for this inlaid logo - he wanted the addition of the rays found in the full color version of the Alembic logo. James selected white dimple figure mother of pearl for inside the cloud and a wild green and blue piece of abalone for inside the dragon. The rays are golden mother of pearl. Note it is extremely challenging to inlay in Quilted Maple as the wood varies in density and fills are virtually impossible.
Celtic inlay

Wayne selected this design from a necklace that he admired and Susan adapted it to fit the fingerboard. The over and under woven effect of the knot is classic Celtic design and covers the fifth, sixth and seventh fret positions. As with all our fingerboard inlays, the solid sterling silver inlay is extremely thick and built to survive refretting with ease. As beautiful as any Alembic is, remember their reason for being is to be played.

Unicorn inlay The namesake of the bass, the Unicorn is inlaid in mother of pearl (head and neck), natural and laminated abalone (mane) and sterling silver (horn). The original illustration that inspired this inlay was a woodcut illustration from a book that Wayne provided. Susan translated it to the final drawing for the inlay and once again, James did an excellent job executing it. Notice how the curves of the lower mane echo the cutaways on each side of the body.
truss rod cover The underlying theme of this bass is restraint. There are plenty of cool features, but nothing screams out for attention and the overall look is balanced. The continuous wood truss rod cover is an example of this principal. You might not even notice it, but when it's discovered, my, what a pleasant surprise!
tailpiece Another first time feature is nickel plated hardware. It's a subtle but pivotal design feature and doesn't look as cold as chrome plating or as flashy as gold plating. Several customers that visited the factory while this bass was being built had their orders changed to include nickel plated hardware, but this was the first.
hardware This special bridge doesn't have the aircraft fasteners we traditionally use to anchor the intonation screws. Mike made this bridge with concealed hardware for a clean look. The curved rails make the hardware a work of art all on its own.
heart The Unicorn of legend had the ability to remove poison from water with the touch of its spiraled horn. There isn't any mention as to the powers of the Unicorn's heart, but the heart of this bass is framed with the Coco Bolo accent laminate and centers around a Maple and Ebony laminated neck.
recessed straplock Recessed straplocks viewed from the back. Wayne likes two of these on the bottom so he can shift playing positions. His 20th Anniversary model was also modified with this same feature. This is perhaps the best angle to see the Coco Bolo accent laminates.
Front Back


  • 5-string Series II bass
  • 34.00 long scale
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Green side LEDs in silver circles
  • 5A Quilted Maple top
  • Flame Maple back
  • Coco Bolo accent laminates
  • Maple core
  • Pistol Grip body and Heart Omega
  • Continuous Wood Backplates
  • Gloss finish/Satin neck
  • Maple and Ebony neck
  • Custom Unicorn and Celtic knot inlays
  • Inlaid logo with shell and rays
  • Concealed hardware bridge with curved rails
  • Nickel plated hardware
  • Recessed straplocks

Price available on request

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