October 1999

Burl Beauty

This Series I bass is capped on the front and back with some absolutely gorgeous burl maple. Under the maple are thick accent laminates of purpleheart. Where we've carved the tummy and elbow cuts, the accent laminates spread out over a larger area. You can't miss them.
Finished with our Light Amberburst, the wood simply glows. All our burst finishes include the front and back of the body, the front and back of the peghead, and the back of the neck (some other manufacturers just do the front of the body).
Burl Maple Custom Series I
heel detail Here in this detail shot, you can see how the burst finish on the back of the body and neck converge at the heel. The burl maple starts out with a wavey flame, then develops into the highly concentrated growth buds and swirly patterns.
On the left side, you can see how the accent laminate spreads out at the tummy comfort carving.
Of course all the bass parts coordinate with a lustrous chrome pated finish. As usual, we set the bass up first, then send the individual parts to the plating shop. Then even the slots in the nut and the bridge saddles are plated. With chrome plating, you never have to polish the hardware, save the occassional wipe to remove fingerprints. The chrome plating is actually harder that the brass it plates. bridge
peghead back The decorative veneers on the front an back of the peghead match perfectly to the body because we make this veneer ourselves out of the very same piece of wood.
The adjustable nut uses three screws. As you tighten the outside screws, that side of the nut raises, but the center anchor screw must be loosened first. Why raise at lower the action at one end only? With features like the adjustable nut, very specific setups are possible. nut
Gotta see a closeup of that fine burl maple. Enjoy! front


  • 5-string Custom Series I Bass
  • Burl Maple top and back
  • Purpleheart Accent laminates
  • Light Amberburst finish
  • Mother of pearl oval inlays
  • Custom Europa body shape
  • Chrome Plated Hardware

Price available on request

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