this month's special

Everyone Loves a Twofer

Start the new year off right with two great options: no charge LEDs and a $1000 wood allowance. This can jumpstart your custom feature set for your new guitar or bass build.
Let's start with side LEDs for no charge. Adding these little lighted jewels will make it a snap to navigate on dimly lit stages, plus they just look cool. We inlay a tiny sterling silver circle around each one so that even when not illuminated, you still have an excellent side position marker. Choose from red, amber, green, blue, violet, or combine at will! Usually $1400, this option is no charge for orders placed during January.
You can spend your $1000 wood allowance on almost anything. Apply it to top or back upgrades, body core woods, or neck woods. Change to a Walnut core for some added attack. Maybe you fancy the warm tone of Koa for the top laminate. You can apply the January Special to just about any top wood upgrade (sorry African Blackwood!). The king of wood upgrades is an Ebony neck laminate. This massive wood adds massive tone and fundemental sustain like you've never heard on a bass before. While not free, you'll notice the $1000 credit.
Whatever you fancy, we can make it so. Start hashing out your ideas with other Alembic owners in the Dreaming section of the Alembic Club. When you're ready to start planning, call Susan or Mica at (707) 523-2611 (or email us at Your order must be received by December 31st to qualify for the January Special.

Other important details:
The monthly special is a custom option offered for free or at a reduced price. It applies only to new orders, not modifications. Series I and II electronics, custom electronics and custom inlays do not qualify for monthly specials unless specifically noted. African Blackwood is exempt from monthly specials.
The special has an expiration date. Once the new special is selected, the old special is void. There is no overlap.
When you're in the market for a custom instrument, check our special every month.

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