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All that Glitters

Yes, it's gold - goldplated hardware that is. Never on special before, you can select gold plated hardware for any Alembic you order during the month of April. We're not talking fool's gold - this is genuine 24 karat jeweler's quality plating. We made an exclusive arrangement with our gold plater in order to make this offer.
Gold plating keeps the brass components of your harware from tarnishing. Instead, they gleam with a rich, warm glow that can only come from pure gold. If the model you select has a plastic backplate, you'll need to upgrade it to brass to have a plated backplate.
We'll help you with all the details. Please contact us if you have any questions about the April Special.

Other important details:
The monthly special is a custom option offered for free or at a reduced price. It applies only to new orders, not modifications. Custom electronics and Quilted Coco Bolo do not qualify for monthly specials.
The special has an expiration date. Once the new special is selected, the old special is void. There is no overlap.
When you're in the market for a custom instrument, check our special every month.

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