this month's special

The Best. Special. Ever.

Not just a year-end wrap up of all specials in 2009, but this special lets you choose just about any special we've ever run. To keep it simple, here's the long list of what's up for grabs:
  1. 10% of base price in no charge options
  2. No charge side LEDs
  3. No charge Coco Bolo top
  4. Five string basses at four string prices
  5. No charge back laminate in neck through models
  6. No charge bookmatch to center
  7. No charge AAA Quilted Maple top
  8. No charge Purpleheart neck laminates
  9. Six string basses at five string prices
  10. No charge initials on neck through models
  11. No charge oval inlays
  12. No charge clear tinted finish
  13. No charge Flame Koa top
  14. Any exotic wood upgrade for half price
  15. No charge for plated hardware (chrome, nickel, gold, black)
  16. No charge Superb Walnut top
  17. No charge side LEDs and no charge AAA Quilted Maple top
  18. No charge inlaid logo with shell on neck through models
  19. No charge Redwood Burl top
  20. No charge Laser LEDs
  21. No charge Europa electronics on Epic, Excel, Orion and Essence
  22. 20% of base price in no charge options
  23. Any 2 custom options 50% off
  24. 25% off up to 4 custom options
  25. 15% of base price in no charge options and 10% off custom inlay worl
  26. No charge Balance K body shape with tummy and elbow shaping and an Omega cut
  27. Neck and core wood upgrades 50% off
  28. No charge continuous wood backplates or $1300 in no charge options for Series II
  29. 35% off up to three custom options
  30. $1500 in no charge custom options

Quite simply, it's the best special we've ever offered. Tell us your plans and we'll help find the right special to get you the best price. When you're ready to start planning, call Susan or Mica at (707) 523-2611. Your order must be received by December 31st to qualify for the December Special.

Other important details:
The monthly special is a custom option offered for free or at a reduced price. It applies only to new orders, not modifications. Custom electronics, inlays, and Quilted Coco Bolo do not qualify for monthly specials.
The special has an expiration date. Once the new special is selected, the old special is void. There is no overlap.
When you're in the market for a custom instrument, check our special every month.

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