this month's special

The Light and the Look

The March Special has two parts. First, you have the "Light" component: chose any side LEDs for no charge. You can even mix and match most of the colors. Second, you have the "Look" component: wood upgrades are 50% off. Of course, the "Look" part also leans to the "Sound" since what you select for the top of your new Alembic also impacts the tone. Here's a little hint: when in doubt, chose Coco Bolo.
Call Susan or Mica at (707) 523-2611 to talk custom and reserve your build slot. Your order must be received by March 31st to qualify for the March Special.

Other important details:
The monthly special is a custom option offered for free or at a reduced price. It applies only to new orders, not modifications. Custom electronics, inlays, and Quilted Coco Bolo do not qualify for monthly specials.
The special has an expiration date. Once the new special is selected, the old special is void. There is no overlap.
When you're in the market for a custom instrument, check our special every month.

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