March 1999

Series II Triple Omega

This bass is like a dark knight. Rich superb flame walnut top, walnut core with vermilion accent laminates really keep this bass understated, despite the outrageous body design. The body is our Triple Omega with a pistol grip on the upper horn.

This was not Richard's first Alembic. He's also got a custom Series II guitar in zebrawood and a 12-string Series I guitar in purpleheart. After playing these, and coming to our factory several times, he started to design his dream bass. We just had received this gorgeous flame walnut, and that was the center of the design.

To keep the maximum amount of walnut exposed, both the front and back feature the "bookmatch to center" option which covers the neck (when you look up at the bottom omega you can still see the neck). The walnut core keeps the overall dark theme going.

triple omega
front detail Here is a closeup of the bookmatch to center. You can also see the simple black Tahitian mother of pearl dots Richard selected. There are two dots at the 12th and 24th fret positions.

The Triple Omega body shape has always been associated with this "knob" peghead shape. It looks like you could hook several of these basses together end to end. Peghead front is also bookmatched.

knob peghead
blackened brass Blackened brass hardware detail. We use the same brass hardware, set the bass up completely, then send the brass parts to be plated. Result? even the slots in the nut and bridge saddles are plated, leaving no place to corrode, until you play it so much you wear through, but boy that's a looooooong time.

This customer is currently having us build a sister guitar to this bass, so look for it later this year in this same section.


  • Series II 4-string fretted
  • Superb Walnut top and back
  • Bookmatch top and back to center
  • Walnut core
  • Custom body shape: Standard Triple Omega with pistol grip
  • Knob peghead shape
  • Custom inlays: black Tahitian mother of pearl dots
  • Red side LEDs
  • Blackened brass hardware
  • Satin finish

Price available on request

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