Stanley Clarke Standard Bass

Stanley Clarke Standard in Walnut

Small Standard

We've been making the Small Standard body shape continuously since 1973. Our distinctive symmetrical shape is a hallmark of the Alembic brand.

One of the few restictions we place on custom orders is that the Small Standard body shape must be paired only with scale lengths of 30.75 inches or less. Even as a short scale bass, the balance is slightly higher than straight across (about 2:30). This shape is better worn high on the body.

Examples below are from both standard and bustom builds.


Flame Walnut Quilted Maple Superb Walnut Quartersawn Coco Bolo Coco Bolo Rosewood Quilted Maple AAA Walnut Zebrawood Maple Burl Redwood Burl Curly Redwood Buckeye Burl Dark Buckeye Burl Flame Maple Vermilion Flame Koa Walnut