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If you've never had an instrument with side LEDs, the very idea may seem ludicrous. But once you have them, what once seemed an unneccesary luxury suddenly becomes a requirement. Side LEDs are perfect in dimly lit playing situations like orchestra pits, but they also perform great on stages with dramatic, fast-changing theatrical lighting. It's reassuring to know that with a quick glance, you can confirm you're in the right position for the next phrase.

spacer Red Side LEDs Red is the classic color for our side LEDs. We've been installing them in our guitars and basses since 1972. As red light passes through your lens, your pupil does not contract as it does with every other color of light. As a result, you can look at red light and not loose your night vision. Since it takes a few minutes for your pupils to dialate in reaction to low light, looking at other colors of light when you are already in a dark setting means you may find it hard to see until your eyes adjust. Astronomers use red flashlights for this very reason.
spacerRed is the natural choice to pair with Coco Bolo, Walnut, Burl Redwood, and just about any other wood we offer. You can also pair red LEDs with amber LEDs as in this example.

spacer Green Side LEDs Our green LEDs are a light shade of leaf green (think grass not emerald). Since green is right smack dab in the center of the visible spectrum, it's the easiest color to focus on. If you ever thought that a blue or red LED looked "fuzzy" then green LEDs might do the job for you.
spacerGreen coordinates well with our Oceanburst finish. There are several woods that look nice with green side LEDs, especially Quilted Maple, Walnut, Myrtle, and Schedua. We must confess that green isn't our first choice with reddish woods like Coco Bolo, Vermilion.

spacer Amber Side LEDs Amber LEDs are a warm yellow color with a hint of orange. Amber is a close second to green for ease of focus. Remember those old computer monitors that were either green or amber?
spacerAmber LEDs look especially nice with Quilted Maple (natural or amber tinted), Zebrawood, Curly Redwood, and Bubinga.

spacer Blue Side LEDs Icy blue LEDs are like a row of taxi lights at the airport, their striking color cutting through the night. Blue is near the end of the visible spectrum, and may appear slightly fuzzy to some people.
spacerBlue LEDs are winners with Buckeye Burl, Macassar Ebony, Purpleheart, and any Maple.

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