Stanley Clarke Standard Bass

Pictured in California Walnut with optional side LEDs

Stanley Clarke Standard

Such a distinctive shape - you know instantly that this bass is both an Alembic and a Stanley Clarke model. As the only symmetrical shape in our catalog, it's unmistakeable. With a thirty-year plus association with the legendary Stanley Clarke, you know that these basses are meant to be played in the studio and can take the rigors of the road on tour.

In an effort to bring our premium quality to a broader audience, we developed the Stanley Clarke Signature Standard bass. With all the same dimensional and electronics features of the Signature Deluxe basses, we've just trimmed some of the decorative goodies to bring the price a little lower.

Short scale does not mean only for short people! Shocking as it seems, Stanley Clarke plays a short scale bass, even though he's a tall man with large hands. The frets are closer together compared to longer scales, which means these basses quite comfortable to play and makes stretching your fretting hand over a broader range. Fly even faster with the narrow taper fingerboard, new for 2008.


Quilted Maple AAA Walnut Zebrawood Maple Burl Redwood Burl Buckeye Burl Vermilion
Scale length 30.75 in
Through body neck 3-piece Maple with 2 Walnut pinstripes
Fingerboard Ebony with mother of pearl inlays
Nut width 1.5 in
24th fret width 2.15 in
Peghead Alembic Crown
Truss rods dual, body adjust
Top Walnut
Body material Mahogany
Sandwich Walnut, Maple, Mahogany
Body depth 1.55 in
Finish Polyester gloss with satin neck
Pickups Alembic AXY
Controls volume, pan, filter x2, 2-position Q-switch x2
Tailpiece Solid brass bird
Nut height adjustable solid brass
Machine heads Gold Alembic-Gotoh
Average weight 10.5 pounds
Overall dimensions About 43" x 13.5"
Origin 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA