June 2001

Triple Omega 8

This bass should look familiar to regular readers of this page since our second Featured Custom was this bass' older sister, Triple Omega 4. This lovely lass starts with an amazing Burl Walnut top and back, with a good helping of flamey figure tossed in for good measure. Dark and light waves wash across both faces of this bass, so don't get lost at sea.
Richard started with our Triple Omega shape, added a pistol grip upper horn and a slighty sharper lower horn. With all those carving details, this bass invites a second, and third closer inspection.
Richard's 8-string
black dot inlays Hard to see from any appreciable distance, the small discreet Black Tahitian Mother of Pearl dot inlays mark the Ebony finerboard. These subtle position indicators keep the overall look uncluttered, while the side LEDs in silver circles along the edge of the fingerboard assure that Richard will always know right where he needs to play, even on a dark stage.
Perfectly paired with the Triple Omega body shape is the Knobby peghead shape. We love the little bloom at the top! We've arranged the machine heads so that the octave strings are on smaller guitar tuners. This makes the job of navigating while tuning much easier and the peghead smaller. peghead
To keep the theme of a dark undersated look, the solid brass hardware has all been plated. This Blackened Brass finish is extremely hard, in fact it's harder than the brass it covers. Each string can be individually intonated. We made this bridge like our early versions, in a U-shaped channel. The saddles are braced on the bottom of this channel.
With the bookmatch to center front and back, the neck laminates are all but lost from view, unless you look up the omega carving. Check out the glass smooth surface of the bass where the tailpiece is reflected. omega

Flip the bass over to see the Continuous Wood Backplates. These plates use the fallout piece of wood when we saw the control cavity access. We take this wood and cover a sturdy brass plate, then finish it right along with the bass.
front back


  • 8-string Series II bass
  • Burl Walnut top and back
  • Bookmatch to center front and back
  • Triple Omega body shape
  • Knobby peghead shape
  • Side LEDs in green, inlaid in silver circles
  • Blackened solid brass hardware
  • Continuous wood backplates
  • Black Tahitian Mother of Pearl dot inlays
  • Channel style bridge

Price available on request

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